Ekaitz Zárraga


I am a telecommunication Engineer born in 1991.

I started getting into Free Software and programming because it is the easiest way for me to develop new things and use my creativity but, at the same time, I have been working on electronics, design and arts – most of the times learning by myself diving in the Internet. This includes: drawing, painting, sculpting, circuit design, programming, 3D design and modelling, creative writing and more.

I practiced martial arts (judo, aikido and karate) for years.



Technical Skills

GNU-Linux, electronics, telecommunication, programming, prototyping, design, PCB-design, 3D-design

Soft Skills

Public speaking, Teaching/Mentoring, Creative Problem Solving, Creativity, Documentation, Research, Learning


Technical and strategy advisor

Cultumetría, September 2018 - Current

Skills: data-analysis, data-visualization, econometrics, strategy

Partner of Cultumetría as a strategy and technology advisor.

Founder and R&D Engineer

ElenQ Technology, February 2017 - Current

Skills: Research, learning, social skills, teaching

Founder of the 1-person company ElenQ.

ElenQ Technology is a R&D company. Focuses Free Software, Free Hardware and Ethical design. Targets Small- to Mid-Sized Companies. Also develops its own ideas.

All the projects have a social impact.

Main responsibilities:

For more information about the developed projects visit our portfolio.

R&D Engineer

Fon, September 2015 - February 2017

Skills: c, java, python, javascript, html+css, perl, bash, gnu-linux, openwrt, wifi, amazon-web-services, leaflet, google-maps, postgresql, postgis, apache-spark, backbone.js, coffeescript, node.js

Research & Development engineer in Wifi related company.

VoIP technician

Irontec, August 2014 - April 2015

Skills: debian, gnu-linux, sip, voip, nagios, ansible, perl, python, pyqt, c, bash, sysadmin, helpdesk, mysql, php

VoIP system management, maintenance, and development.


M. Sc. Telecomunications Engineer

The Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, 2009 – 2014

Skills: c, c++, java, qt, qml, latex, telecommunication, electronics, signal-processing, networking, linux, kde


Mainly focused on electronics and computer science.
Ranked 4 out of 61.

Final project

"Renovation of the User Interface of KDE-Telepathy Audio and Video Call module"